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Study Aviation Management

The market of air transport has been undergoing a vast development in the last few years. On the basis of research made by the Civil Aviation Office it is anticipated that the demand for people competent at civil aviation will rise in the next 10 to 15 years. The prognosis shows that there will be a need for 25 000 employees at Polish airports. In order to meet expectations of the market, the University has prepared a new major which combined with basic knowledge of economics gives opportunity of acquiring skills in aviation management with special attention put on airport and airline handling.

All subjects are held in English. The specialism subjects will begin in the 3rd semester of full-time, first cycle studies (altogether the studies will last 6 semesters.) The specialism subjects will be delivered by international specialists in aviation management.

Why Aviation Management

The dynamically developing aviation market along with a lack of well educated staff in the sector give you a guarantee that having graduated from the studies you will be able to find an interesting job as an airline representative or airport manager, in travel agencies or enterprises dealing with air transport logistics operating in the whole world.

Our course aggregates theoretical knowledge from economics field that is expanded by the practical parts where students will be expected to deal with a number of case studies as well as conduct enivironmental and financial analysis.


By studying Aviation Management you have a chance of:

  • Joining a student elite – UITM is the 4th university in Europe and the only one in Poland offering this specialism
  • Commencing professional career of international recognition in aviation sector
  • Participating in job placements at international airports
  • Acquiring education from top international aviation experts
  • Establishing international contacts which will help you create your career paths
  • Efficient cooperation in multicultural environment

The study programme includes i.a.

  • Aviation Management and Policy
  • Aviation Law and Organization
  • Airline Network Management
  • Airport Management
  • Airline Sales and Yield Management
  • Ground Service
  • Air Navigation and Aircraft Operation

Having completed four semesters of the study programme you will be able to participate in job placements at international airports or in top airlines where you will be acquainted with practical aspect of airline and airport management. Once you are back at UITM you will write your bachelor thesis within Aviation Management specialisation.