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Written by Michał Nędza   


In curiosity section we will post related to aviation articles on unusual topics. The authors of publications in this section will be also students of Aviation Management specialty. At the beginning will we publish the seria of the articles about the most interesting airports in the world.

Today we start from the Giblartat airport.

What is so remarkable in there? It is all about the location of the runway that crosses the expressway to Spain. When the aircraft is about to land or take off the road is closed and vehicle traffic stopped.

Gibraltar is a dependent territory of Great Britain, although Spain claims for it. It is bordered on the land of the Spanish town of La Línea de la Concepción, which separates it from a demilitarized neutral zone.

Gibraltar Airport is the civilian airport that serves the British Overseas on the territory of Gibraltar. It is owned by the Ministry of Defence and used by the Royal Air Force RAF in Gibraltar.

The airport operates scheduled flights, mainly from Great Britain.

For Polish people, name of Gibraltar can be associated with more unpleasant history. That was the place, where in 1943 in a plane crash died General Wladyslaw Sikorski. The question of the possible involvement of terrorists in the incident remains one of the unsolved secrets of World War II.

Source of images from gallery: www.hoax-slayer.com/gibraltar-airport-runway.shtml

Strike on Frankfurt airport continues PDF Print E-mail

Hundreds more flights have been cancelled at Frankfurt Airport as a strike by ground workers enters its second day.


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